The woman could not hold back her tears, having learned where the cat was leaving, leaving her kitten.

This story spread very quickly across the globe thanks to social media. It once again reminded people that our smaller brothers are much more merciful than ourselves.

The heroine of our story is a domestic cat named Pasha. She lived alone with her mistress. One day, her walks ended with the fact that she brought kittens. Pasha has become a very caring mother. But her owner began to notice that the cat leaves her children alone, and she herself goes somewhere. Though she never forgot to feed them before that. This situation was repeated every day.

One of these days, the hostess decided to follow the cat in order to find out where it disappears every day. What the woman saw struck her to the depths of her soul. It turned out that the cat went to a nearby forest to feed the squirrel’s newborn offspring with its milk.

Where the squirrel mom disappeared and how the cat found out about the squirrels remains unknown. But Pasha’s maternal instinct did not allow her to leave the squirrels to their fate. The woman took the squirrels to their home so that the cat did not have to leave her kittens anymore. Today everything is fine with the squirrels. At the end of the article, we posted a video about Pasha’s heroic deed.

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