The smallest breed of wild cats is sand. Even as an adult, she looks like a cub.

The sand cat can be found in Arabia, North Africa, Pakistan, Central Asia. In those places where there is a sandy desert or a stone valley, overgrown with thorny bushes, through which it is almost impossible to pass.

Less often, this breed lives in a clay desert and on rocky coastal ridges.

This species has a significant difference from other wild cats — small size. The length of a sand cat can reach from 65 to 90 cm, while the length of the tail is 40%, the height of the animal reaches from 24 to 30 cm. An adult male cat weighs from 2 to 3.5 kg, and females are smaller.

Sand cats are nocturnal creatures, with the exception of the Pakistani subspecies, which in winter and early spring is active mainly during dusk.

Sand cats live in old and abandoned burrows of other animals, for example, corsacs, foxes, porcupines, and they can also settle in expanded burrows of gerbils and gophers.

This species is perfectly adapted to temperatures from minus 5 to plus 52 degrees. These cats can easily do without water for several months, extracting a minimum of moisture from their food.

It is very interesting that sand cats, even adults, look like kittens.

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