The shelter kitty jumped into the boy’s arms and asked him to take her with him.

People think that if a person has expressed a desire to take an animal from a shelter, then he will come and make a choice himself, but this is not so. Often, animals choose their own owners themselves. They have a well-developed intuition.

Therefore, animals feel people and understand what they really are, even if they try to seem completely different. Apparently the person in this photo is very nice.

Kitty Luna chose him as soon as she saw him.

When the guy entered the shelter, the kitty Luna looked at him and could not take her eyes off. He took her in his arms, and the cat purred peacefully.

Then she put her little paw on his hand. It felt as if she wanted to say: «I chose you, justify my trust, please».

They met with glances and realized that they would never part.

The cat was a little sick, after the treatment, the guy immediately took her home. The baby loves to watch funny videos on the net. Its owner says that Luna is a real bundle of pure happiness.

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