The retriever saved the fawn when it was drowning. This was the start of a wonderful friendship.

A dog named Charlie has always been very smart. His owner — named John — could not get enough of his pet. Charlie was incredibly friendly and trainable.

The dog loved his master very much, so he did everything he was told. John, on the other hand, reciprocated this love, so he always spent a lot of time on training his pet. The man was convinced that someday Charlie would save someone’s life.

At some point, the dog disappeared. John looked for him everywhere, even going to the lake. The dog was very fond of swimming, so it could well be in the pond.

John spotted Charlie offshore. He was heading towards the ground, holding a baby deer.

The man pulled the animal to the ground. the baby’s mother immediately ran up and took the deer into the forest.

The next day the deer came to its savior. John caught his pet when he was licking the baby. And so began a wonderful friendship.

The kid began to constantly visit the dog with his mother and play with him in the clearing.

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