The red-haired dog surprised everyone with its newborn pups.

The Blake’s family has been helping stray animals for years. John and Katie take the dogs from the shelter for overexposure, take care of them and look for new owners.

One of the survivors was a dog whose breed was a golden retriever.

The dog was expecting a replenishment, so it needed special care and attention. The Blake’s family took care of proper nutrition, care and created all the conditions for the expectant mother. Rossi, that was the name of the dog, surprised the family with birth of  her babies.

Everyone expected that babies of the same color would appear from the red-haired mother, but the puppies turned out to be white with black spots, reminiscent of small cows in color.

Moreover, all the cubs were of exactly the same color.

The appearance of the cubs was a real surprise for the owners of Russia.

Under the photo on the network there were many disputes regarding the breed of puppies, but the final decision was never reached.

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