The puppy was left in an abandoned house. He was scared and did not understand why they did this to him.

A dog named Amelia, was abandoned by the most dear and beloved people. The owners took their dog to an abandoned building and left it alone there. Amelia was very scared. She didn’t know what to do, and even more, she didn’t understand how she deserved to be treated this way.

At that time, Amelia was only two months old. Thanks to the caring people who reported the abandoned dog to an organization called «Fur Friends In Need». Volunteers rescued the animal and, since then, she responds to the nickname Amelia.

And a few days later she was assigned to an animal shelter, where everything seemed dangerous and unfamiliar to her. There were dogs barking all around, and a lot of strangers.

One of the usual days, a woman called Nancy came to the shelter. The woman immediately felt the dog’s morale. She saw how uncomfortable the dog was in this establishment. Since Nancy recently lost her faithful dog, named Jada, and she still missed her very much, she decided to take Amelia with her for a while.

Besides Amelia, the girl also had a cat temporarily. It was the dog who helped her to endure the death of her pet. The dog and the man became each other’s best friends and support.

Thanks to her pet, Nancy was able to survive her grief, and Nancy, in turn, surrounded the dog with care and affection.

Of course, after that, the girl was unable to bring her new friend back to the shelter. Both of them could no longer imagine their life without each other.

Now they are inseparable friends. Native girls gladly accepted a new member of the family.

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