The puppy got lost and froze, then a goose came to the rescue, which covered him with his wing to warm him.

Both in the world of people and in the world of animals — there are no other people’s children. The animals do not have to be of the same species. Even a predator can come to the aid of a cub from the family it usually hunts.

Our story today is about a puppy and a goose, which serve as another proof that affection, friendship and love can arise between completely different types of animals.

This unusual couple touched thousands of people. And this is not surprising, because their relationship really conquers!

A homeless puppy was freezing outside. He probably got lost, or maybe his mom just left him. Perhaps everything could have ended sadly if the puppy had not been noticed by a goose passing nearby.

The bird realized that the puppy needed help and figured out what to do. She approached the baby close, just covered it with her wing, thus trying to warm the baby! And it really helped keep the poor thing warm. This touching moment someone managed to shoot from the passers-by. They quickly went viral. Only it is not known what happened to the puppy, but we hope that thanks to the popularity of the photo, he has a warm home.

Some people need to learn empathy from animals. In nature, such cases occur quite often. For example, the story of a lioness, her lion cub and an elephant. When the lion cub lost strength from the heat, the elephant approached him, lifted him with his trunk and carried him.

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