The owners tied the dog near the store and disappeared around the nearest corner.

This story took place in a Polish city. Near a local supermarket, security guards spotted a dog tied up under an awning where shoppers leave carts. The dog was wearing a muzzle and a collar, so the guards thought that the owners of the animal just went shopping. Time passed, but no one took the dog away.

The guards reported the animal to the special service and the girl was sent to a shelter. The shelter staff suggested that the owners really could leave the dog only for a while, but after they made the purchases, they simply forgot to pick it up.

When the story went viral on social media, many in the community were outraged: « It’s hard to understand people who act like this. » Among the commentators there are those who believe that the dog was left at the store on purpose: “I can’t imagine how you can go home and not remember that you forgot the dog.

If it was an accident, any normal person would immediately come back for their friend. It seems to me that the dog was no longer needed, and the owners acted so as not to take responsibility for its future fate.

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