The owners threw their cats little cubs in the trash, but they were lucky and they were saved from the garbage truck.

The cat gave birth to kittens, but the owners did not need them, and when the babies were only a month old, they decided to get rid of them. Without thinking of anything better, soulless people threw them into the trash can.

But the kids were lucky and they were found by the driver of the garbage truck. There were four kittens in total. They squeaked loudly because they were scared and hungry. The man was very outraged by the act of the former owners, because these are not toys, but living beings that have the right to life.

If the kittens were not noticed by the worker, they would most likely have died under the pressure with which household waste is pressed.

The man took the statement about the incident to the environmental service of the city, and they conveyed the information to the residents so that they would not treat the animals like garbage.

The rescuer of the kids decided to keep one kitten for himself, and for the rest, good hands were quickly found. So the kittens not only survived, but also found their homes.

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