The owners threw the kitty on the street. A couple of days later, she came to someone else’s house, begging for help.

Katherine could not refuse help to the cat, which was kicked out to live on the street. She was in complete despair, because she did not know what street life was. The domestic cat found herself in a difficult position when she found herself on the street.

After several days of a hungry and cold life, the animal came to Katherine’s family’s yard. During this time, the kitty caught a cold and was barely moving. She sat down near the girl’s house and began to meow loudly and pitifully, as if crying from despair .

Katherine’s husband immediately left the house to feed the purr. Eagerly pounced on the food, she ate everything to the last crumb. A few days later, the man had to go to the city, and he decided to take the kitty with him to show her to the veterinarian

As Katherine and her husband thought, the cat was severely exhausted, she had a cold and, in addition, a hernia. The cat was 4 years old.

The couple could not leave the kitty on the street, so they bought all the necessary medicines, vitamins and expensive food. during the week the purr lives with the couple. She eats a lot and sleeps a lot while recovering.

Katherine said that the pet is affectionate and tactful. She mastered the tray immediately. Even now Maria, as the cat was named, tries to stay close to her bowl of food.

Let Maria live long and happy.

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