The owners put the dog on a chain and forgot about it, and her 4 hungry puppies ran nearby.

We became aware of Ben in the spring. This happens — the dog sits on a chain in the booth, and the owners forgot about it. Neighbors sometimes feed, pour water, not allowing the animal to die of hunger and thirst, which simply physically cannot get its own food.

The dog had owners, but they often took strong drinks, so they did not remember about Ben on the chain.

Exhausted Ben was not alone, but with offspring. Four babies crawled over a thin mother.

Volunteers, having learned about the dog, immediately went to rescue it. One kind girl suggested overexposure for animals in time.

The began to look for owners for puppies and restore Ben’s health after exhaustion and not only.

After being neutered, good nutrition and regular petting. All puppies were attached, fortunately, there were only four of them. And Ben was sent to a shelter after she recovered.

She is the smallest in the shelter — below the knee. The cruelty of people did not make the dog evil, she is friendly to people and loves to walk, chat and delicious food.

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