The owners gave the 18-year-old cat to a shelter, and Tim decided to help the old man and took it for himself. They are together now.

The story takes place in 2018 in the state of Washington in the USA. People brought a very old cat named Smokey to one of the shelters. At that time, the animal was 18 years old. The fact is that the owner of the pet was also very old and could not properly care for the cat, so he gave it to a shelter, hoping that they would find a new good owner.

The workers at the shelter did not really expect such an outcome. After all, 18 years is a pretty respectable age for cats and usually people do not take such old pets home. However, they still published a post in the shelter community on the social network that they are looking for a new home for Smokey. After some time, Tim responded to the publication.

The man already had one elderly cat at home, but he decided to take another one. He turned his attention to Smokey. Tim said that as soon as he saw the cat, he immediately knew that this was the one he needed. so the man soon came to the shelter and saw a lonely old cat who was sitting all alone and was very sad. Tim’s heart ached even more with pity, because it’s very sad when someone in old age remains lonely and useless.

The shelter workers immediately told the man that the cat, due to its age, must follow a special diet, but this did not frighten Tim, because he firmly decided that he wanted to give the cat a chance to live the rest of his life in warmth, comfort and with proper care.

Thus Smokey got a new house with a caring owner. From the very first days, the cat decided to thank the man for his care. He loves to sit in Tim’s arms and purr soothingly. The cat has a calm and affectionate character.

Now Smokey still lives with Tim and God forbid they will be together for a long time.

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