The mother cat carried her kitten out of the barn, which was on fire.

The heroine mother cat entered the shed, which was engulfed in flames. She rushed there to save her kitten. She managed to take the baby out of the fire. The poor cat inhaled acrid smoke and got burns.

She is currently undergoing treatment at a veterinary clinic. Cat owners are unable to pay for expensive treatment. Now all the care for the animals has been taken over by a specialized fund.

The cat’s ears and paw pads were damaged. Now she is not able to breastfeed her baby. The baby is bottle fed. As long as the baby stays next to the mother cat. Employees gradually accustom him to eat soft food.

Now the cat is kept together with the mother so that she does not worry about his safety. Soon the volunteers will find him a good caring family. Now everyone is worried about the heroine cat. We hope that everything will be fine with her soon.

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