The kitten jumped out of the bushes and immediately rushed to hug our legs: it was trembling with fear.

After we called the kitten, it jumped out of the bushes and immediately began to cuddle up to our legs, then to mine, then to the legs of my husband. The three month old cat was trembling with fear, but was not going to lose its chance, so it buried its muzzle in his husband’s boot and sprawled on the road, clinging to that very boot.

Thus Tessa got into overexposure. That’s what our son named her. The kitty turned out to be super affectionate, she can purr and cuddle all day long. She is a real happiness and tenderness! Tessa is beautiful on every side, I don’t even know why she could be thrown out into the street.

Name of our affectionate beauty is Tessa. She no longer needed her «parents». We will give it to you only on one condition that you will not

offend this cutie, but will take care of it properly. This is how my post about finding the owner ended. I was very surprised that a lot of people wanted to take Tessa.

Kitty quickly found her home and her man, the mistress is delighted with her.

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