The kitten cannot be without the piglet for a single day. Unusual friendship.

An unusual story began in a veterinary clinic, where a caring passer-by brought an exhausted kitten found on the street. Despite the terrifying condition, under the supervision of doctors, the animal quickly began to recover. After a few days, the kitten not only moved by itself, but also played with the clinic staff, to the great joy of the latter.

A couple of days before the appearance of a foundling in the veterinary clinic, a small pig Laura was brought here for treatment. The meeting of these two in the veterinary clinic was the beginning of a funny, but really strong friendship. Both on the farm and in the clinic, Laura was surrounded by love and care, as it turned out, these qualities are also enough in the piglet and she began to give them to the kitten.

Laura plays with the kitten and takes care of him, the unusual couple even sleeps together. Such love between animals proves that neither different origins nor the past are an obstacle to true friendship. After the animals get better, the vets don’t want to separate the wonderful couple.

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