The kitten at the store followed the gaze of passers-by. Adults did not notice, teenagers helped.

The kitten stood on the stone steps of the store, periodically raising its paws in an attempt to protect them from contact with the icy surface. It tried to look into the eyes of people coming out of the door, but they immediately turned away from the frozen and unfortunate animal.

The kitten was cold, scared and lonely, but suddenly, warm hands reached out to it, the cat immediately looked up to thank those who gave it the desired warmth. The kitten saw two young men who could not pass by, seeing how it freezes on the street. The guys took the baby, put it in his lap to warm it and carried it home.

The children didn’t rejoice at the new pet for long. Once in the apartment, the kitten lay down on the bedding, fell asleep and never left its place. For several days, the guys tried to feed and move the cat, but the baby only had enough strength to eat a couple of crumbs, after which it fell asleep again. It seemed to the guys that the kitten was having difficulty breathing, so they urgently carried it to the veterinarian.

The examination showed that there are indeed difficulties with breathing — the kitten’s lungs are compressed. The animal underwent a complex operation, after which it was placed under droppers in a special oxygen chamber.

Despite the high risks. The operation and further treatment were successful, giving the baby a chance for life. While the kitten is in the hospital under the constant supervision of veterinarians, but when thw cat is strong enough, the guys will take it home, where everything is ready for the arrival of a new tenant.

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