The jaguar, whom good people rescued from the water, hugged them like a house kitten.

It happened in Brazil. There was a terrible flood, and the jaguar fell into the water, starting to sink. It couldn’t get out on its own. Ordinary soldiers noticed this and rushed to the drowning beast to try to help.

People climbed into the water and took out the animal. Their own safety at that moment did not bother them: after all, the jaguar is a rather dangerous predator.

The beast, after its rescue, did not at all look like someone dangerous. It clung to its rescuers like a simple cat, hugging them with huge paws. It was incredibly moving. The predator showed great confidence in the people who came to his aid.

People decided to take the saved animal with them. They came to the conclusion that in the wild it would not be safe now due to its weakness after the tests it had endured.

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