The homeless dog often spent the night at the car dealership and the salon workers decided to shelter him

In a distant warm country, one tailed vagrant often appeared near a car dealership. The staff felt sorry for the poor fellow and couldn’t ignore him, so the team of the car dealership decided to do something. These people deserve the gratitude of the dog and surroundings.

About a year ago, the four-legged, who obviously didn’t have an owner, began to regularly appear at the doors of the salon. The dog was looking for food and shelter, there was a lot of sadness and fatigue in his eyes. At times it even stayed at the door for the night.

At first, the support consisted in the fact that the salon staff brought food to the dog. But during the time spent side by side, they became friends with him so much that they decided to let the dog inside, give him a nickname and even award him with a badge, like a real colleague.

In general, initially people thought about arranging a vagabond in an orphanage or family,  but he became so close to the team and got used to the salon that the employees had an idea to kind of take him on the staff. They took care of the new employee seriously, he visited the veterinarian, passed the necessary tests and received all the dog’s vaccinations.

Now the dog is the most famous employee of the salon, taking the most active part in its activities. The nearest plans are an advertising campaign with his participation. In addition, salon visitors are just crazy about the tailed beast — many go there just to see him and take a memorable shot with the new star.

Sometimes treats are brought to the dog. He is always glad to have visitors, and with its «job placement» sales in the salon went up. Everyone loves the new employee , he also reciprocates — this is an ideal working relationship.

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