The guy literally pulled the cat out of the mongrel’s teeth and now the pet thanks him all the time.

It often happens that a dog shows aggression towards cats. Purrs especially get from mongrels, but sometimes from domestic four-legged ones. Probably, the dog is guided by instincts, or maybe they are just protecting their territory.

So with the hero of our story, a cute white cat, such a situation happened. The homeless cat met a dog on its way, and it began to show aggression. Fluffy was paralyzed with fear, it could not even run away, and the mongrel attacked it and began to torment it.

The boy saved the cat, literally tearing the animal out of the dog’s mouth. The kitty was very lucky that the young man passed by at this time. He received fractures as a result of the fight, but survived. The young man took the purr to the vet. There, the pet had to undergo an operation that lasted more than two hours.

The guy decided to take the cat to himself, because he always loved these arrogant and cute animals.

He named his pet Coconut. he understands that the new owner saved him from death, therefore, in gratitude, he always shows affection and purrs loudly.

The young man shared that he had never seen such gratitude from these animals. Now Coco has a caring and loving family so he is no longer threatened by any dog.

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