The gorilla had no children of her own and was given a box of kittens for her birthday. What came of it.

One of the zoos in California boasts that they have a gorilla named Koko, who surprised the whole world with her level of intelligence. She has been there since 1971. And during this time she managed to participate in more than a dozen experiments conducted by American scientists, studying the intellectual capabilities of monkeys. Scientists have achieved good results.

Koko, for example, was taught sign language and actively used it. When another individual broke her favorite toy, Koko responded by using sign language to pelt her with insults. She also knew the designation of about 2 thousand English words.

But the gorilla suffered from the fact that she had no offspring. And when she saw other monkeys with babies, her eyes filled with sadness. Therefore, the management of the zoo decided to give her an unusual gift for her 44th birthday — small cats.

The gorilla glowed with joy. All the kittens, in turn, she took in her arms, wrapped in her arms and caressed. At first, many feared that Koko would inadvertently harm her kittens. But then everything calmed down, because the gorilla treated these crumbs very gently.

By the bright emotions of the gorilla, it becomes immediately clear that her level of intelligence is not much lower than the human one. As it turns out, great apes also love kittens. And the latter, in turn, boldly crawled along it.

Gorilla has always been in awe of cats. starting in 1984, she was periodically given to raise kitties.

The gorilla died in 2018 when she was 46 years old.

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