The girl took the cat in the shelter, and a month later she got a call and they told her about the old friend of her pet.

Megan Marsh wanted a cat for a long time and when she finally decided to realize her dream, she went to a volunteer, who looks after kittens for the period of overexposure. Among the numerous pets, Megan chose Dwight — the cat really wanted to get into the family and put on a real show in front of the girl. the cat did not lag behind Megan a single step, and she realized that the two of them would go home already.

The cat got used to the new house in counted days, and chose Megan’s bed as a favorite place to sleep, not wanting to be separated from the new mistress even at night. It would seem that the story has a happy ending, but the end was not set, and a month later a continuation followed.

In the evening, Megan received a call from a volunteer who had recently taken care of Dwight. It turned out that during the overexposure, Dwight got himself a friend — the cat Conon. When Dwight left with Megan, Conan stayed in foster care and missed his companion very much. Together, the cats were active and cheerful, but when left alone, Conon almost stopped playing and even began to refuse food. The volunteer really hoped that Megan would be able to shelter a second cat, because it is so sad that he becomes afraid for its health.

Megan was surprised, because having two cats at once was not part of her plans. Although she couldn’t remember if she had seen Conon, she felt very sorry for the animal and after some thought, Megan agreed to take her pet friend to her.

Dwight had an unusual meeting with a friend, and Conon was no less happy. In Megan’s house, their friendship resumed with renewed vigor — the cats slept together, and the very next day they played catch-up, running sharply around the girl’s house.

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