The girl took a street kitten with her, and her domestic cat was delighted and hugged the baby.

Today’s story is about an American girl named Rose and her pets. This story will not leave anyone indifferent. And it began with the fact that the girl picked up a small, barely living kitten on the street. Despite the fact that the chances of saving the animal were minimal, the girl rushed to the veterinary clinic to save it. Thanks to timely help, the kitten survived.

After the course of treatment, Rose and the kitten went home. The girl was worried about only one thing — how her house cat Andy would perceive the new family member. Moreover, he was distinguished by a wayward character. Fortunately, the girl’s fears were not confirmed.

The kitten was named Opie. On the way home, the kitten fell asleep in the carrier, so Rose left it and took over the household. Suddenly she heard a squeak of cub and some kind of stirring. She immediately ran to the noise and froze with emotion. Her pet cat Andy hugged Opie.

It took the animals no more than 24 hours to become inseparable friends. Opie’s health condition required constant care. And Andy helped his mistress with great zeal. Andy was constantly looking after the baby. The girl never ceased to get amazed from Andy’s love for hugs. It was impossible to look at it without a smile.

Besides tenderness, the cats loved to sleep and play together. And also, Andy licked the baby like a real caring parent.

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