The girl noticed two frightened eyes in the trash can and could not walk by.

The story happened to a girl named Anna, in Donetsk. She lives in a rented one-room apartment, where two people still live with her, the situation in the city is still tense, so there can be no question of a pet.

However, Anna’s family is committed to helping the animals. They have three cats at home, and recently they have another pet, and this happened not quite usually.

Anya was walking down the street and her attention was attracted by the garbage containers, since someone was staring at her from there. There was so much sadness in those big eyes that it was impossible to pass by. The dog looked with disbelief at Anna, who froze in place .

The girl shared that when she saw the dog in the trash can, which someone had thrown away, her heart sank in pain and pity for the poor fellow.

So she definitely could not pass by.

“So now we live in a big friendly family — three cats, one dog and three people,” Anna says happily.

Everyone perceives happiness in their own way. For some, it consists in doing good and helping all those in need, despite their difficult situation.

What does happiness mean to you?

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