The girl managed to save the puppy from the owners who did not feed it and take it for a walk.

Too many animals fall prey to human cruelty. This puppy was no exception, but it was lucky that Elena appeared in his life. The dog got to people who were cruel to it.

The owners kept the pet locked at home, did not take it for a walk and did not feed it. Of course, the puppy was very emaciated, weak and dirty. Elena had to try very hard to take the animal away from these heartless people, and fortunately, everything worked out for her.

After rescuing the puppy, Elena organized a charity rock concert. As part of this project, a professional photo session was also held. The puppy became the main model and delighted people.

The baby was named Rocky, and he became a symbol of the ongoing festival. Soon the dog became popular, because his cute face was printed on advertisements and souvenirs for rock festivals held in different cities.

There were many offers from people who wanted to become the new owners for Rocky. However, Elena nevertheless decided to keep it with her, although at that time she already had four dogs.

Now the dog is very happy and healthy. He no longer remembers the trials that he had to go through at such a small age.

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