The girl decided that she would take the homeless kitten only for one night, but everything changed.

Oksana worked as a groomer in an animal salon. A few weeks ago, a regular client came to her with his dog, but he also had a little kitten with him. The man picked up the baby on the street on the way to the salon, but could not take it to him, as he was allergic to cat hair. So he asked Oksana to help the kitten.

The little one looked at the girl so pitifully that it was impossible to remain indifferent and refuse help.

At first Oksana decided to try to find the owner using the Internet, but no one needed a pet. No one responded to her post.

After finishing work, Oksana went to the place where her client found the purr, but there, too, no one was looking for the baby.

Oksana realized that the cat had nowhere to go, so she decided to take it to her home, but only for one night, and the next day to continue looking for a house for the kitten.

But as soon as the fluffy found itself at the girl’s house, it immediately charmed all its inhabitants. Oksana’s little daughter was delighted with the red-haired handsome cat!

Even the girl’s dog immediately made friends with the kitten and was with it all the time. The cat, who has been living with Oksana for a long time, also accepted a small relative without any problems and played with it with pleasure. So the newcomer immediately joined this family.

And Oksana decided that she would not look for another home for it, since the kitten would stay with her.

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