The girl climbed into the cat box. The cat’s reaction is priceless.

The King sisters from Britain packed a box of things to take to the post office and send to friends. All the manipulations were closely watched by Ken, a cat living with the sisters.

Their pet has a special love for boxes of all shapes and sizes. Noticing the pet’s constant gaze on them, one of the sisters decided that it would be fun to repeat her actions and climb into the box, since its size allowed.

Ken did not find the idea of ​​sisters funny, she was very surprised. The expression on the face of the animal was so unexpected and funny that the girls could not help laughing. To apologize to the offended cat, the sisters allowed her to jump into the box.

The surprise of the girl’s pet was filmed and shared on social networks, many commentators wrote that it was a real surprise for the cat that people can also climb into boxes.

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