The girl asked a thin dog sleeping on the street in the rain: «Will you come to live with me?»

The dog was wearing a collar, which meant that she had only recently been a pet. There is a possibility that she was kicked out into the street by an irresponsible owner.

Maria, on the way home, dreamed of a warm blanket that would warm her after such bad weather. But suddenly, on the road, she noticed a dog that was lying right in the rain, not finding shelter for itself.

It was very hard to look at the animal. Raindrops on the face, reminiscent of bitter tears. The woman sincerely took pity on the dog and invited her to go to her home.

Surprisingly, the dog instantly jumped up, ready to go wherever they said, as if she understood human language.

According to the collar, at first, Maria tried to find the former owners of the animal, but in vain. But the woman was not upset. She named the dog Bella. Bella immediately found a common language with another woman’s pet — a dog of the Giant Schnauzer breed.

Bella settled into her new home very quickly. Here she is loved and well taken care of. She has already forgotten what hunger is. This is a very smart and kind animal. She was very happy with Maria.

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