The girl asked a slender dog sleeping on the street in the rain: «Will you go live with me?».

The dog had a collar, which meant that it had recently been a pet. There is a possibility that an irresponsible owner kicked her out into the street.

On the way home, Maria dreamed of a warm blanket that would keep her warm after such bad weather. But on the way, he noticed a dog lying in the rain, unable to find shelter.

It was very difficult to look at the animal. The raindrops looked like bitter tears on its face. The woman sincerely felt sorry for the dog and invited it to go home.

Surprisingly, the dog jumped up instantly, ready to go wherever they were told, as if it understood the human language.

On the collar, at first, Maria tried to find the previous owners of the animal, but in vain. But the woman was not upset. She named the dog Bella, who immediately found a common language with woman’s another pet — a dog of the Giant Schnauzer breed.

Bella very quickly got used to the new home. Here they love her, they take good care of her. She had already forgotten what hunger was. This is a very smart and kind animal. She was very lucky with Maria.

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