The girl adopted the puppy, but after 2 months it turned out that he was seriously ill.

When her beloved dog Theodore died, she could not even think about taking home a new pet. But in our life, a lot happens unexpectedly.

Once Sophie stumbled upon a social media post about finding a home for two female puppies. And now the girl’s heart sank, and she realized that she was ready to have a new pet.

Sophie came to the address and took a cute baby, which she named Dina. Both babies looked healthy, only Dina slept a lot, which at first the girl attributed to stress due to the new environment. However, after a few hours, which the dog stayed at Sophie’s house, it became clear that something was wrong with her. The girl took the new pet to the veterinarian, the clinic told her that they suspect parvovirus .

Sophie immediately decided that she would fight for the baby’s life to the last. She was very worried that she would lose her dog again. Every day she did everything that the veterinarian prescribed: she gave pills, gave injections and was near Dina all the time! Sophie was able to save the dog and was happy that she managed to do it.

But the volunteers did not manage to save Dina’s sister, although they tried very hard. one thing is clear that Sophie threw all her strength into saving the animal and did the almost impossible!

We wish Dina a long life, and her mistress many pleasant moments with her pet.

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