The dog was so thin that he could not stand on his paws. He clung to life with all his paws.

The dog was so thin and weak that he could hardly stand on his paws. Despite this, he held on to life with all his might, but people ignored him…

After the first examination, the veterinarian said that the dog had no chance of surviving, but we could not give up so easily, so we decided to start by warming and feeding the dog.

For more than a month we have been fighting for the life of the German Shepherd Volt, who turned out to be of no use to anyone. We are trying our best to help him overcome illnesses that could cause his death.

Volt was found exhausted, he suffered from a dozen neglected diseases.

For two months we have been fighting for it together with veterinarians, but so far the specialists insist on the need to surgically remove the ear canal.

People were cruel to Volt, so his whole life was filled with pain and suffering. The head injury caused the formation of a callus in the ear canal, which causes daily pain to the dog.

The old wounds on the body have healed, but the mental pain still makes itself felt. We dream that Volt will get better and have a real family.

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