The dog was looking for human help, looking out the gate.

Bad owners a few years ago just left their pet in a local park. After long wanderings, the dog was able to find a yard in which he felt more or less safe. All this time she was fed by people living nearby, but she needed more than food.

Every day she sat and looked out the gate, looking at the passers-by with an imploring look. She was finally taken in by volunteers helping at the shelter. Since that day her life has changed.

First she was sent to the veterinarian for examination, then the hair, which hung in tufts, was cut off, bathed, and the dog was transformed beyond recognition.

She will always remember the people who helped her, but right now she needs a permanent home with loving owners.

The dog is very kind, affectionate and friendly. The person who takes her will find the most faithful friend.

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