The dog swam across the bay for 11 hours, trying to save his master.

This situation happened in Moreton Bay – a bay in Australia. One of the fishermen saw a sheepdog swimming towards the pier. There was a wetsuit next to her. The fisherman helped the dog to get ashore and called rescuers.

Rescuers found out that the owner of the dog was wanted, his ship capsized. The man was found, but by that time he was practically dead, barely holding on to his capsized boat.

This man and his dog Heidi decided to go sailing together. However, at some point, the unexpected happened: the boat capsized, ending up between a man and his dog. Soon the man completely moved away from Heidi.

The dog swam to the shore. It took a full eleven hours. But she really wanted her master to be saved, so she didn’t give up. One can only wonder how this brave dog managed not to die.

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