The dog saw that the cat was surrounded by yard dogs, he rushed to help the cat.

I was told a story by my friends that happened to their pets.

It happened many years ago. My friend had a dog and a cat at home. There was no particular friendship between them, but there were no conflicts either.

One day the friend from school was returning home and saw his cat Phil sitting near the entrance, and street dogs gathered near him, who lived in a neighboring tire shop.

The friend from childhood was afraid of stray dogs, he had a bad experience. And here it is a pity for the cat, and he was afraid of the dogs. How to be he did not know.

Fortunately, at that moment, his dad came out of the porch with his dog Richard to walk him. Rich, seeing that Phil was surrounded by mongrels, immediately took off and rushed to save the caudate. In a few minutes he dispersed the pack. The cat was saved.

After a friend said that he was so impressed by the act of the dog that for some time he stood in complete confusion, like his dad.

That’s how they found out that the pets still considered each other friends.

A few years later, Phil died due to illness, and Richard is still alive. The friend says that the dog sometimes comes to the place where the cat liked to sleep and sniffs it, and sometimes sits there for a long time, as if remembering his friend.

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