The dog rescued the kitten and brought it home, completely surrounded by care.

The tiny furry no longer hoped that it would have a home, but suddenly a dog helped it.

We want to tell you a touching story about a golden retriever rescuing a little kitten. It will melt every heart!

The first picture may cause a double impression on readers, because here a large dog carries a tiny kitten in its mouth. But no need to worry, the retriever brought the baby to the house of its owners safe and sound, and they decided to help it.

The furry and its savior have become best friends and are together all the time. They play, eat and sleep in an embrace and it is impossible to look at it without emotion.

People didn’t need this cat, but another animal saved it and became a friend. Despite the fact that everyone is used to considering cats and dogs enemies, it all depends on the nature of the animal, and not on the species.

Simetimes animals can be much more human than people, coming to the aid of those who need it. They don’t look at the appearance, but simply help.

In the video you can watch how the new owners feed the fluffy from a bottle and how cute it became after bathing.

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