The dog protected the cat from a pack of stray dogs, and she began to lick him in gratitude.

Dog Dean and cat Sonya lived in a private house, which was located on the outskirts of the village. They obeyed the owners, so they could freely walk around the yard when people were at work.

Sonya knew only a well-fed and calm life, where there is no place for deprivation. And then one day she made a mistake — during a walk she went outside the yard and there she was noticed by a pack of stray dogs.

Showing their teeth, they went to the cat, surrounding her from all sides. Sonya could not run away, because she knew that she could not run away from the dogs. She only growled loudly, broke into screaming a couple of times, hoping that Dean would hear and protect her.

And Dean did not need her calls, he himself noticed what was happening. The dog ran out barking to the cat to help and began to drive away a flock of dogs. But they did not want to give up their prey, so they did not retreat, but only backed away.

Fortunately, a neighbor saw the scene. The man fired his gun twice into the air. It happened at the moment when one of the dogs attacked Dean. The man frightened the flock, so they retreated and hid in the bushes. Sonya and Dean returned to their yard.

The cat licked its savior. Dean managed to suffer a little in a short fight, and Sonya licked his wounds, where he himself did not get. She realized that thanks to Dean, she remained safe and sound.

After this incident, Sonya no longer went outside the yard and always tried to be closer to Dean.

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