The dog lies on the grave of the owner for several months.

Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the world. Probably everyone knows about it. In this story, we will talk about such a phenomenon as dog loyalty. The owner of this dog died recently. However, the dog cannot let the owner go to another world, he grieves and does not leave its owner’s grave a single minute.

Employees who work at the cemetery saw the dog daily. The dog lay sadly on the grave. They filmed him on their phone cameras to show how loyal a dog can be.

The dog has very sad eyes filled with pain and hopelessness. Can he leave anyone indifferent?

Workers say that they repeatedly tried to take the dog away from the cemetery, but he still came back. One day the dog mistook one of the workers for its owner, but it was in for a deep disappointment. Video with this dog can not leave anyone indifferent.

Very sorry for this faithful dog. I want her to find a new home and happiness.

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