The dog hugged his owner after experiencing a strong hurricane.

There was a huge hurricane in the USA. The home of American residents Breda and Annie Dallat was completely destroyed. When the couple was told that they needed to leave the habitat immediately, they managed to grab only documents and essentials. Not only the family had to save themselves from natural disasters, but also their pets: a dog named Tom and four cats.

The house was large. When the couple needed to evacuate, they couldn’t find one of the cats. So, they didn’t take Tom with them. Their favorite simply didn’t move from one point.

The couple returned to their ruined house a day later. Their homes were completely destroyed. Shards of windows, fragments of doors and other elements of the destroyed house could be seen around.

Suddenly, Tom crawled out from under the rubble. She approached her owner and hugged her the way a man hugs his dearest people. This picture caused incredible tenderness in Julia, a family friend. She photographed this moment.

Also, the missing cat, nicknamed May Bee, soon returned. They reunited and hope that such a nightmare in life will not happen again.

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