The dog had a large head wound, from which blood and pus oozed, there was a smell of rot.

This dog was first seen on a hundred in our city. The animal had a terrible head wound. Blood oozed from her, the remains of pus.

Catching Eliza was not easy. I had to turn to the workers for help. The dog is quite large and actively resisted.

Everyone was afraid that she would behave aggressively, but it was impossible to leave the animal on the street. It’s hot outside, swarms of flies. In the position of Eliza and her wounds, this is certain death.

Having made great efforts, Eliza managed to catch. The men held her, at this time I made an injection with a relaxing agent.

When the dog was taken to the doctor, he cursed with foul language. At first we assumed that the dog had been injured in combat. However, the doctor soon concluded that she had been hit on the head with a heavy object.

At the moment, Eliza is in the clinic for treatment. The wounds were treated, medicines were prescribed, now we are removing the swelling.

It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to save the eye. Over time it will become clear. Now the main thing is to save Elise’s life, and for this we need your help.

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