The dog faithfully served the owner, and they brought her, dropped her out of the car and forgot.

The story of this dog, unfortunately, is very typical – she served people for years and sincerely loved them, but they just threw her out into the street, deleting her from their lives. The dog was put into the car, drove away and left in the middle of the road. More about her former owners did not remember.

The dog nailed into the courtyard of a high-rise building and stayed here. She looked hopefully into the faces of passers-by, but they remained indifferent to her.

The dog got along well with children, perhaps there were children in the former family, she was good-natured towards other animals, perhaps she lived with them before.

While living on the street, the dog got sick. We were approached by caring people who were asked to help with the treatment because they did not have the money for this. Veterinarians found a strong inflammatory process, extraneous discharge and insist on surgery. Treatment is expensive, but it cannot be postponed, and the dog needs to be spayed urgently.

It is difficult to understand the causes of the disease, perhaps it was a strong stress due to the betrayal of people, perhaps life on the street had an effect.

The girl was named Bell. She really needs our help, and we need the help of all those who are not indifferent. We really hope that the girl will find a family. She misses people, care and attention and is ready to respond to them with devotion and sincere love. For this dog, the family is very important and we do not want her to return to the street again.

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