The dog covered his wounded girlfriend on the rails with his body for two whole days.

This story took place in the winter in Ukraine. It tells about incredible dog loyalty. This story has become famous on the Internet.

On the railroad tracks that passed by one Ukrainian village, two dogs lay for 48 hours. As it became known later, it was a couple. The female dog was injured and could not move independently, and her friend, all this time, covered her with his body.

But when the rescuers arrived to help the animals, the healthy dog ​​began to behave very aggressively towards people.

The dog warmed his girlfriend with his body, not paying attention to the existing danger to their life. Fortunately, the rescuers were able to move them to a safer place and now they are all right.

And also, they managed to find their owner, from whom it became known that their names were Panda and Lucy.

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