The dog could not swim out of the lake because of the bag tied around his neck, in which were the puppies.

The story took place in Kaliningrad, where one of the residents noticed a dog in the lake that could not swim out of the lake. The animal hardly kept on the surface of the water and every second counted, as it could sink to the bottom at any moment.

“Someone tied a bag to the collar, where they put eight puppies, and then threw them into the lake. We managed to get a dog with kids, ”the rescuer shared.

They named the dog White. Her own cubs was tied around her neck. Maybe that helped the dog not go under. The vets said that White was definitely a house dog.

“The puppies were a maximum of a week old. that is, they lived in a warm house, and then the owner decided to get rid of them and at the same time from their mother, ”shared the head of the veterinary clinic.

Now the dog is afraid to approach people. The new owner will have to make a lot of efforts so that Withy begins to trust the person again.

The manager decided to take one puppy and his mother. The rest, too, have already found their owners. There were more applicants than needed. So that all puppies will live in the comfort of home, not in a shelter.

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