The dog continued to wait near its owner’s hospital bed, not realizing that he was gone.

This shot shows just how devoted dogs can still be. This dog continues to wait for its owner at the hospital bed, not realizing that he will not come again.

The name of the faithful dog is Leo, he is a mestizo of a Labrador. He is very kind and friendly. However, now he has lost his most beloved person — his master has passed away. It is very difficult for the dog, so he needs a new family that will help him survive the grief of loss.

This snapshot instantly scattered across the web. Users were stunned by this story. They immediately started sharing the post. In just a couple of days, the post got 5,000 likes and was re-posted over 4,000 times.

As a result, the dog found a new family in less than a week.

Those who saw this picture and read Leo’s story wrote their opinion about the dogs. One of the users commented that dogs are ready to love their owner until their last breath. Another wrote that he could not hold back tears when he saw the photo. Another one said that he wanted to take Leo for himself.

Fortunately, the shelter found a wonderful family for Leo, who will take care of him properly.

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