The dog approached the man, and he decided to feed her. But the dog ran away somewhere with food.

A homeless dog ran up to a passerby on the street. She probably intuitively felt that he was a good person and decided to ask for food. The man gave the dog a piece of chicken meat, but he was interested in how the dog behaved then. The dog got the food and ran off somewhere with a piece of meat. It was strange and the young man was interested in such behavior.

The man decided to find out what was the matter and where the dog ran away so quickly. After a while, she returned and again began to ask for food. Then the man decided at all costs to reveal her secret. The man recorded on video what he saw. He was extremely surprised when he found out what the dog did with the food.

Stray animals cannot always get food on their own. If the day is not set and there is nothing to eat, animals ask for help from people. Fortunately, there are still kind people who are not sorry to share their food with the dog. In this video, you can see how the man handed the dog a piece of chicken meat, but she did not eat it, but immediately ran away. The man caught up with her out of curiosity. He really wanted to know where she took the food. The answer was on the surface.

After spying on the dog, the man managed to find out her secret. The dog led the man to one of the yards. There she laid the meat on the ground. At the same moment, a flock of puppies crawled out from under the ruins. Everything turned out to be as simple as twice two. The dog was a caring mother. She thought not only about herself, but also about her offspring.

The man brought a bag of meat for the puppies. They immediately began to circle around him and wag their little tails. The mother dog knew that this person could be trusted, so she felt safe.

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