The dog almost got under the wheels of yhr car, but instead of injuries, she got a new loving family.

Having experienced the betrayal of one person, we often subconsciously jam that everyone else will do the same. But no one can draw conclusions about whole life because of one situation and stop trusting others. Life often offers a second chance and this is confirmed by our history.

The dog lived on the street, she has already stopped remembering how she ended up there and whether she once had a different life, and even more so she hopes and believes that she will be able to find a new home.

Katya and her husband went shopping and, tired from the long search for what they needed, they returned home. In the car, the couple discussed plans for the near future and laughed at jokes that only they could understand when Alexei sharply pressed the brakes.

The dog just jumped out under the car, the man only noticed it at the last moment. The animal was not injured, but did not leave the road, and froze a couple of centimeters from the hood. The couple got out of the car and carefully examined the dog. At first glance it was clear that the dog lives on the street and needs a home and care.

Katya and her husband did not leave the animal to its fate, but took it to the veterinarian. The animal turned out to be healthy, it got into the street not very long ago and has not yet developed the habit of living on its own. The dog needed care, so the doctor offered to take him to a shelter. Katya and Aleksey refused the offer and decided to take responsibility for the dog. So, having believed people, the dog got a new chance for a happy life in a loving family.

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