The deaf cat lived in garages and ran away from people. She did not understand that they wanted to help her.

Every day we hear a lot of sounds: the rustle of leaves, the singing of birds, the laughter of a child, a boiling kettle, someone’s steps, the singing of birds and many others. We do not notice anything special in them, because we are used to them. Although, nevertheless, some sounds are fascinating, for example, the sound of the surf, the ringing of a spring drop, the singing of a nightingale. However, for the beautiful Belle, the only sound she hears is ringing silence, because she is deaf.

The kitty was accidentally spotted by people in the garages. They tried to catch her, but she managed to escape. Belle didn’t look like a cat used to street life. Her snow-white fur was covered with mud and tangles, the cat behaved confused and did not seem to understand how she ended up here.

The next day another attempt was made to catch the cat. However, she acted strangely. It seemed that she let them in, but as soon as a person was in her field of vision, she immediately ran away and hid.

Later, when they did manage to catch the kitty and find an overexposure for her, her guardian understood why Belle behaved so strangely. It turned out that the animal hears absolutely nothing, no sounds, but only picks up vibrations and vibrations.

She behaves like her hearing brethren and does not feel inferior.

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