The deaf and blind dog was afraid of touch, but the owner did not give up.

Pets with disabilities need special care. This is especially true for those animals that lack sight and hearing. Indeed, even interaction with the owner can become a problem for such a pet.

Aidan Mann lives in Nashville and works as a veterinarian’s assistant. Therefore, he perfectly finds a common language with animals. He had problems only with the six-month-old puppy Plum  because the baby was born deaf and blind, it was afraid of being touched.

However, this did not frighten Aidan, but rather the opposite. The young man shared: «I did not understand what I was getting myself into, but I knew that I wanted to give this puppy all the care and love that I am capable of.» And he did it!

Now Aidan and his dog are trying to develop a system of light touches that will help them understand what the owner is doing and what he wants. The puppy already understands when he is asked to sit down, and he also knows when to follow the owner, if necessary.

Aidan shares on social media how Plum lives. The doggie has already grown up and hardly differs from its healthy relatives. The dog loves long walks near the bay and is already fully accustomed to the new home.

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