The crying cat ran after the car, and the kitten could hardly keep up with her.

I wonder if you could go to live in another place, and leave your pets behind? Just turn around, go ahead, leaving them behind like they’re unnecessary things?

Such a terrible fate befell two cats – mother and daughter. When their owners moved into a new apartment, they abandoned the animals. But before these cats were part of their family. They, as it should be for every cat, guarded the comfort and tranquility in the house.

Any person’s heart would shrink from such a picture – a truck with things was driving along the road, a cat was running after it, and a small kitten could hardly keep up with it. Then the truck picked up speed and disappeared from view. The poor fellows were left sitting on the cold concrete.

Fortunately, there are people in the world who are not indifferent. They took the fluffy mother and daughter. The latter has grown up, now she needs to find a home for her. The little cat has turned into an incredible beauty.

Now the baby is seven months old. She is a very kind and educated girl. She is friendly, funny and playful. The cat is litter trained. She is sterilized.

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