The cats shed and I decided to shave them, but I got even more problems.

I have two cats and they love to shed. Although it happens almost at the same time, but I’m never ready. These two bastards walk around the apartment, and I collect tufts of wool after them.

But this time I decided to make life easier for them and for myself. I decided to shave them by spring. In this way they will not be hot (they are very fluffy with me), because summer is ahead, and I will not bathe because of a ton of wool throughout the apartment.

But I just miscalculated. April and May were not particularly warm, and at home, I don’t know why, it can be colder than outside.

And so the cats decided that they are constantly cold because of me and that means I have to pay.

Now they spend almost all the time under the covers, and I have to correct it if one of the cats got out of there and then returned back.

Also, what is even worse for me, they sleep around me at night and nestle so that they are not cold. I can’t fall asleep for a long time, because they only look for a suitable place for 20 minutes, but they don’t want to sleep with me under the covers: they need to cuddle up to me.

But there is no problem with wool.

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