The cats reassured the dog: “Don’t worry, we’ll live. We are on the street so already two winters”

Two stray cats, lying on a dog named Jack, tried to explain to him that it is possible to live on the street too. They already have two winters behind them. Yes, it’s cold in winter, but if we stick together, we can get warm.

But Jack is hard to fool. He well understands that in winter there is nowhere to hide from the frost, and there is no food at all. After the death of his master, Jack had no one to look after. Since then, he has been starving and living on the street. Jack still remembers how the owner spoke to him affectionately, stroking his head.


And he, in response, loved to fall asleep in the owner’s arms. Nothing can be returned. Jack often goes to his master’s grave and howls softly. When his owner fell ill, Jack called the neighbors for help, who called an ambulance. But the owner could not be saved. And they took him away, and the apartment was closed.

So he found himself on the street in the company of two cats. Yes, they are affectionate and kind, but this is not his master. Jack was ready to endure both cold and hunger, if only the owner would return home. Jack did not stop going to the cemetery, even when the severe frosts came.

Some of the local residents wanted to take him home, but he refused. This is the true loyalty of a devoted four-legged friend.

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