The cat, who never showed his feelings in front of the owner, changes when she leave the house.

After my mother retired, I wanted to give her a gift in the form of a kitten, because I decided that now she might not have enough communication, and she also loves cats. But first I told her about it, because an animal is not a gift that needs to be presented as a surprise. She didn’t mind.

I live separately from my mother, and my mother, from the moment of my present, lives with a cat. Maybe the cat has such a harmful character, or maybe it was his mother who raised him somehow, but he didn’t really show his love for her, very rarely allowed himself to be stroked. I saw it myself when I came to my mother for the weekend.

And once I came again to spend the weekend with her and it turned out that my mother had to leave, and I stayed with the cat at home.

As soon as Mom closed the door behind her, the cat lay down on the rug by the door. I decided to pick him up from there, because he was lying in a not very clean place. But the cat came back. After that I again tried to pick him up, put him on the sofa, on which he spends half a day, but the cat returned to the rug again.

And only when mother’s keys rattled in the keyhole, the cat immediately got up, and with the look of an important boss, went to his favorite sofa. And my mother said that the cat never lay down on the rug near the door with her.

So the cat was not insensitive, he just thinks that a real cat should not show his feelings.

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